TriNet Setup

TriNet Onboarding Setup

The TriNet Onboarding setup includes a first upload of the organization’s details through the Company Site Setup (CSS), then a complete definition of the Benefits Investment Strategy (BIS).

  • The Company Site Setup (CSS):
    • All company details and locations
    • Pay frequency, pay periods and check dates
    • Departments
    • Standard vacation /PTO, including mandatory sick days if applicable
    • Holidays and floating holidays
    • PTO accruals and carry forward
  • The Benefits Investment Strategy (BIS):
    • What are the different benefits available to US employees?
    • What are benefits classes?
    • What are employees insurance status?
    • What should be the company’s participation?
    • Creating the benefits model
  • Setting up all employees onto TriNet
  • Initiating the first payroll

TriNet 401K setup

  • Provide advice and market intelligence relating to plan set up and employer contributions
  • Schedule and participate in calls with Transamerica for plan set up
  • Fill out required documents, which will be sent to client for final approval
  • Answer employee’s questions relating to the plan